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Sandy :icongunzino:Gunzino 1 0
Hello G_O_D
Hello God
Its your son again.
Trying to shine,
You know the rain again,
Got a brother feeling pale again
Adventurous like Anakin SkyWalker,
Star Wars trilogy the Mind Walker
Feeling the world is taking all of it,
Out of me
Eventually, I wana be somebody,
Please, somebody please tell me,
How I'm supposed to be somebody,
When most of my life I've lived like a nobody
And Nobody's paying attention to my body,
Probably I don't excel,
These people can't really tell,
If I'm coming or going
Going or coming,
It doesn't really matter,
As long as I'm running away from the Devil,
Straight into the hands of well...
Only you can tell.
Hello God...
:icongunzino:Gunzino 0 0
Smudged windows, Broken doors
Smudged windows,
Broken doors,
Plunged into,
Open floors,
Of course
A discourse of path,
Wake up from stress,
Go to sleep for rest
Forests of unrest,
Political distress,
Failed today’s test,
But still we blessed
Unless our chests resist,
The path desists,
And God’s a guess…
Remain lifeless…
A life filled with God’s bill,
Paid in full
Reign to rule
Wise from fool,
Jewel in me,
Completes me,
No more complacency
I hate to be,
The mirror image of the past me,
For if I were,
Cast me away,
Like the memory of those that passed away
‘coz it’s painful to play.
I pray…
Struggle is the short term,
For my hunger is a long term…
Concern to eat what’s good for me.
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 6
Pick up your light
In a crowded room,
With a catchy tune,
I try to maintain myself,
In tobacco fumes
I wish there was a vacuum,
To clear the air a bit
Jazzy tunes played out,
By the pianist,
Sad as hell,
I feel I couldn't manage
The place I couldn't have it
I wana be somewhere,
But stuck here,
Coz I can't be there,
I feel like a square,
In my circle of friends,
It never ends,
It only depends on different meetings,
Different seatings
I feel pulled in by common folk,
And deacons,
Maybe because their beacons are heavenly
I spill verbally bout my feelings,
But I'm feeling a bit touched,
That cats can't rush to me for help,
But yell that I don't offer,
Maybe I'm not a proper friend,
So I put it down with a proper pen,
Let out my little sin,
It's my medicine, the doctor prescribed,
This is where I don't lie,
This is where I go truthful,
Where my mask goes postal,  
And I don't get boastful,
Like the next clown
Hold me down, baby!
As I give my sound,
To the peeps of the underground,
Holla @ your boy,
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 2
Lord Knows
Lord knows,
It's hard to stay composed
When everything you say is opposed,
And everything you hear,
By your ear lobes,
Is food for the crows... leftovers,
That's why I never get close... to peeps,
Coz peeps eat your secrets,
And spit it out to your feet,
So everyone can swallow
But I don't follow the hype,
'Coz the hype is a one night fling,
Good tonight,
But bad tomorrow,
Leave you sleepy hollow,
Looking like Jack Sparrow,
Sleeping in the gallows,
Waiting for someone to bellow
Winter cold,
Some degrees below… the average,
Never wanted to be average,
But average's become a norm,
Now we children of the corn,
Living horror stories,
Witnessing dead unborn,
I sworn to my late friend,
That I will no longer pretend,
Be real 24/7, till the day I kiss heaven…
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 4
Killer Queen
Born as a goody tissues,
Loving chicks,
Dat like jimmy choo shoes
Stable as cous cous,
Beating like fruit loops,
Closed down to who'z whos
Tongue slashing urdu,
Genocide Hutu,
Politically Tutu,
Never mind Juju,
100% Zuma,
100% coockoo,
Watching vuzu, in Zulu,
Listening to Sotho batho (people),
Talking bout gashu (rubbish aka street dweller or useless person),
The man I don't follow,
Quite hollow,
With a cello  playing, Kurt Cobain,
Insane in the membrane,
Cypress hill,
I got to fill, da void wit a soliloquy,
B boy emcee,
Off da pille (pills),
Really hot,
Ousting milli vanile,
Billy the goat gruff,
Mr take alles (everything),
The birds, the babies, kahuna ballas (balls),  
"Come on fellaz",
Having polas (party),
Get a belas (phone call),
From mananas (guy's name),
Speaking bout da chanas (friends),
Sipping savannahs by Dallas,
Getting jealous,
In Alex (hood),
Da coloureds (mixed race),
Don't like fellas,
Crossing colours,
Jealous of rollers,
Heavy jollers,
Slick Zola
:icongunzino:Gunzino 3 8
Nicolay Freestyle
Do my bit,
By feeding the poor,
Wit some food for thought,
Wit tons of puns,
From my gums
I shoot hard like guns,
Invested funds
Have a rich source,
Never force the cause,
For the clause,
Has mouths opened to lyrical sauce
Pause for a moment,
To get my solution potent,
Percentage coded,
Rusted to eroded,
Make metal bloated,
From hard coated stories,
Not covered in glories,
But worries ever after
Were there was no laughter,
Where there was no pastor,
No father, mother, family,
Obese wit extra calories
Calling on extra cavalry,
Looking for a honey named Valerie
Watched Valkyrie,
All Germans ain’t in the racist faculty,
I love the cars,
Make me love speed, actually,
Think about property,
Think Donald Trump,
And probably reconsider,
The financial indicator
I see the hater,
But the hater sees meat for the taking,
His roasting beef at my expense
Thinks his dense,
I’m bout to rock his pants,
Wit my can of whip ass
Make his pants transparent like glass,
Make his heart demise,
:icongunzino:Gunzino 3 5
Stuck out in the IVY League
Welcome to the pre-conceived,
Somewhat numb ideals,
Of belonging to the Ivy League
A breed,
Considered to be for those,
With a distinguished need,
Families with a distinguished bleed,
Who plead alleg’,
To power, money and supremacy
Callously the poor, with colour,
Are funny and segregated
So the latter remain underrated,
Not exposed and exasperated
The boy with no hope,
Pulls all the ropes,
And becomes top of the class,
At last,
He’s proved the snobs wrong,
Broken the overplayed song,
That just because dad’s not rich or pale,
He’ll follow the disenfranchised tail
Hail, to him,
For drawing from within,
What they couldn’t see without,
The proverbial aristocrat skin,
He clings to his achievement,
While his critics look with bereavement,
Receives a neutral treatment,
But at home he’s celebrated,
Because the boy has succeeded in Rome
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 16
Confusion of Hearts
Confusion of hearts,
This is supposed to be art
But the start,
Was mixed with a lot of paper cuts
So I stutter,
To bring out the figure of projection,
So the words I mention,
Seem to be a depiction of a vision,
So vivid, like a crayon encryption...
Decisions quite wide,
Like a river Nile ride
The African pride died,
But there’s a new species,
Of a liberated hide,
Not from a cold or hot blooded side,
Their blood is neutral,
More humane like
More distinct like the faces of Steven Biko
We, the African people,
Have a mandate,
To make man make, history,
Without being fake or without a mistake
“Too late” say the elders,
We’re the evil doers,
The supposed Cinderellas,
Who never got to see the prince’s feathers,
The fellas who are forever careless,
Bear less thought of the future,
While we resort to torture...
Of our fellow man,
Remain mellow men,
In wood,
So we can forever taste the time that stood,
Or glued onto liquid,
So we don’t feel livid and our hunger
:icongunzino:Gunzino 2 8
Take off the Blues
Verse 1
Yo, I’m just bout to do alota things,
Quick innings,
Getting ducks from chickens,
But it ain’t finger licking,
Ain’t sweetening,
So I got to listening to some advice,
From kings that took bigger whippings,
Tales of expectations by modern day dickens,
That went from Friday night drunk Riggins,
To Saturday fast living,
To Sunday pray fasting,
Now that made my heart sing,
Wondering what I’m doing wrong,
Singing the same song,
Not having patience,
And still going wrong,
But I’m fumbling on,
Cinderella man evolving to a champion,
Yawn when the depression is tiring,
The pain is violent,
I’m on this island,
Lonely with my eyes red,
I look instead,
To the brother with no bread,
Motivate me to get ahead,
So I pick up my head,
Get off my bed,
And hit it one more time
“When you try, it makes you stronger
Persistent trials, make you harder
One more time, do it my brother
So with time, the days are brighter“
Verse 2
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 3
All I need
All I need is a good beat,
Girl wit good feet,
Brothers off da street,
That’ll make my day,
Nah my year,
My decade,
Make me get waves,
More sinners get saved,
Make me get laid, wit my wifey,
Not a girl who’s shiesty,
Acts unrighteously,
So I leave her politely,  
Get away from da drama,
Future baby mama,
Focus on positive karma,
And Yes I can attitude like Obama,
May not be a stunner,
But I’m a runner for the news
I abuse lyrics so much,
Should be a hit maker,
Money maker,
But instead am an instigator,
Was a time, when ladies used to see me later,
Now they wana see me sooner
Rumour is the recession was my inflater,
Saw the movie Traitor,
Wit Don Cheadle,
And I realized life’s unequal
Some people live effortlessly,
While others toil tirelessly,
And lives taken endlessly,
Especially when religion, money and power are involved
Look at the gulf,
Seem like Bush wanted half,
But I huff,
All I need in this life,
Is to have my daily laugh,
Shape me,
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 19
Mature content
Rhyming :icongunzino:Gunzino 0 6
Mature content
Ps and Qs :icongunzino:Gunzino 1 21
They say don’t talk about death,
Coz it comes your way
So I say,
How am I not supposed to talk bout the inevitable,
The inconversationable, the life bill,
Being given to you,
Without no tip drill and I ain’t talking dirty girl,
I’m talking the end of the hill
I feel I got alota things to do,
Before I get the death deal
Still gotta make an empire,
Still gotta become a sire,
In a profession of my own
Still gotta increase my dome,
Wit knowledge of building Rome
Still have to get a record deal,
Still wana be an inspiration,
To guys in my field
But well,
Life hits you wit the best in a nutshell,
And when death comes,
It takes you off the rail,
To meet either heaven or hell
:icongunzino:Gunzino 3 21
Caught up in a dilemma,
Woke up wit Emma,
From last night’s dinner,
Feel the opposite of a winner,
Now I know how a sinner feels,
What’s the deal?
Try to keep it real,
But she’ll see through my lies,
I despise the fact that we rushed,
Touched a little too much,
Not enough hush,
A little too rough,
In a huff it was over
Like a rover going in a track race,
Didn’t use pace,
But I lace myself wit da consolation,
It was my first penetration,
My first session,
So no discrimination,
By making me wrong,
But this is an old song slash tale,
Back then when I used to sip on ginger ale,
But as for the detail,
I remember it like yesterday,
When Miss May-may,
Was my baby for the day,
Gave me a warm entrée,
She was a secret recipe,
I never paid for,
So in that way,
I lost the flavor,
Which cut our relationship like a razor
I became her waiter,
Delivering excuses,
Of not giving an answer,
Then she chilled,
Became as cold as a panda
Then I met Amanda,
Life became grander;
Then E
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 22
Listening to something pivotal,
Sometimes a miracle,
Every now and then I get biblical,
Like I’m Moses tryna get spiritual
On the literal,
Stay far from federal detention,
My mind’s on expansion,
Holding thoughts on ransom,
Lyrically handsome,
Music’s a passion,
Only correction services I’m attracting,  
Constructive criticism
No pessimism as it’s stops my idealism,
Prism outlook is colourful,
Always wonderful,
To see young brothers get a handful,
Of dough to get cookies
No more rookies,
Now pros in the game
Never let fame get to your brain,
Coz then they complain,
That you’re way too vain
I aim to be higher than most,
But serve more than most,
Those that search to boast,
End up like toast
I’m toasting to my success,
I’m tryna be da best,
In whatever interests me,
Whoever invests in me,
Shall reap the profits of my intellectuality
But it’s sad to see,
People tryna live off your money,
Without doing work earnestly,
So I say no easil
:icongunzino:Gunzino 1 3

Random Favourites

Reflective Principle by evolutionsky Reflective Principle :iconevolutionsky:evolutionsky 123 11 Graffiti Alley by asyenka Graffiti Alley :iconasyenka:asyenka 4 3
Divorcing myself from the loath of contemplating
Don't try to appease me for I am easily moved
Consumed by the lure of lust in its forgotten goal
Apt to capitulate at my adversaries
My prodigy has gone home for now
Delighting at the prospect of forever
No more lonesome holding on
When it seems that it would soon be too late
All is lost in today if tomorrow never came
UN driven at the prosperity yours there to unfold
Better debated and recanted a willful demise
Bundles of thoughts flow through my mind
Every day I awake feels more forgetful
Subjecting ourselves for lacking temperance
The fragrance of the incense liquefies
A man beyond the myth legendary in his own mind
Be aside yourself as your drowning seductively
One night stands building upon themselves
Again and again the record spins respectively
Nothing seems as it appears to be
Defeat and defend the honor that's left
Until those seconds you became out of breath
I'm a junkie in my own right cowardice spite
The sun always shine wron
:iconplayacardzright:playacardzright 3 3
Christina Dykes by evolutionsky Christina Dykes :iconevolutionsky:evolutionsky 14 3
Am I Better?
Words chiseled in my mind
Like commandments on stone
Cut into rock, chisel honed
Like a razor I feel the slice
The burn goes deeper then fire
Stings more than a million bees
Who knew your words affected me so,
But they hurt me more then you know
Amazing, the feeling I get from you
But we can't show it cause you got a man
That's why that one sentence hurt the most
"I don't know what to do, but I love you"
So if you feel this way about me
Then why ain't you with me yet
We both want more but I'm afraid
That I'm not a better man then yours
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 6 42
If Only... by PARANOIA--7 If Only... :iconparanoia--7:PARANOIA--7 112 40 God Bless the Dead by Yamenja God Bless the Dead :iconyamenja:Yamenja 41 70
I live my life alone always waiting for that someone
Never stopping, trying to figure it all out at once
Just moving in circles, never making forward progress
I simply stray to far from the path, but I digress
I always complicate things beyond their usefulness
Waste of resource that could have been put to better use
Accomplishing nothing worth sharing over a cold beer
Never making something of consequence or importance
Pointlessly continue to a dream in the distance
To far gone by now my life is an utter mess
I have nothing left to offer, broken and spent
Drift off, Die, never to break the circle of Conformity
:iconcletusjackson:CletusJackson 8 20
Black Milk by Joey-Zero Black Milk :iconjoey-zero:Joey-Zero 231 113 Kiki Heals Keda by Kiki4rich Kiki Heals Keda :iconkiki4rich:Kiki4rich 7 9
Strange Fruit
I have tasted of strange fruit that went sour
Flowers that may grovel under pressure
Lusted after treasures that never belonged
Get to rewrite all of my wrongs
The dawn came in all of her glory
Pink hues and purple monsoons
Refusing to be a victim anymore
Watched as the heavens poured
Pentacles and tentacles came after me
Rectifying insanity's binding
Denying myself of happiness
I am abreast with the contest
I have tasted of strange fruit bitter of taste
Wasted too many years with no trace
Gazed lovingly all along ever more
Never looked so hopeful ensured
All the more easy now to explore
Like the sunrises I endure
Burdens that broke me
Making it through the open door
Moment to moment the bittersweet taste
Of strange fruit a glassed over gaze
Traced tracks of my tears
Wasted were those lonely years
:iconplayacardzright:playacardzright 3 5
Let Us Pray by chico2083hood Let Us Pray :iconchico2083hood:chico2083hood 2 3 The Cool Experimental by supermanisback The Cool Experimental :iconsupermanisback:supermanisback 18 19 Whispered a Blackberry Kiss by evolutionsky Whispered a Blackberry Kiss :iconevolutionsky:evolutionsky 88 6


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Fell in love with a girl,
Her name's Sandy
Thinking about her,
Sipping on a brandy
Cinnamon lips,
Body so thick,
A booty that makes a brother breathe quick
She's intellectual,
Into vegetables,
Wears her spectacles,
What a spectacle, of so much beauty
Truly the epitome of favoured blessings,
Kissings from her,
Creates some lessons
A student in the game of love
I'm serving you aces, Love
It's murder without the glove
Can I shoot up your club?...


Gunz Magic
South Africa
Current Residence: South Africa
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: Soul, Rap, R&B, House, Hip Hop,
Favourite style of art: Vector
Personal Quote: "Let me be me..."
Hi Everybody

Well, hi to those that will remember me, lol.
To get everybody up to date, I haven't been on in some time, so I wanted to come back to the place that made my life something to look forward to :-) Well creatively I haven't done anything well worth, writing about. I've basically been stagnant, which is sad. On the business/IT front, I've made some progress at work. Been perfecting my craft at design and being a better developer/designer/consultant, but my heart has always been a music creative, a lyricist of some sort.
My girl and I are no more, been like that for like 6 months. But the single hood is interesting, wink, wink, hint hint. But single ladies are crazy peeps, so are "us" single men, laugh out loud. Well it's good to be back, for how long it will be, sometimes I wish I can come back to the same circle that was here, back in 2009/2010, but hey but that takes time, to recreate or retingle friendships.

On the music front, rather hip hop side, I'm feeling Joey Bada$$'s "Summer Knights", a few tracks of Kanye's "Yeezus" *Yeah I think it's way off though, but I maybe need time to listen to it*, I'm digging one or two tracks off Jigga's "Magna Carter Holy Grail", and I'm watching those Power 105.1 interviews, damn! I watched the Jigga interview, that man is on some other type of aura.

Currently in South Africa, we're going through some political turmoil, for lack of a better word, our presidento still thinks he can run the country like a spaza shop (aka convenience store, without no rules and regulations), but yeah, the less I say the better.

Stay Good y'all, and God Bless!


  • Listening to: Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knigths
  • Reading: Time
  • Watching: Life as it passess my by
  • Playing: The girl next door (lol)
  • Eating: steak and chips
  • Drinking: Play


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cordieb Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
How's the lyrics coming along? Stay positive!
Gunzino Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014
Ahhh, nice to chat to you again. Sadly, I've succumbed to corporate. Lyrics are now taking a back burner. I actually want to get into the business side of entertainment.  Just need to stop with my procrastination and start a project. Have done a project, but it wasn't lucrative, lost some money, so I want to detail my business model before anything gets kicked off. Yourself?
LittleDenisa Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
so i just fell in love with your work it just speaks truth 
Gunzino Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
:happybounce: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I appreciate the kind words, mam!
LittleDenisa Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
np. anyday
evzar Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013

kl bro its bin a long time still lol. I understand what u mean about being stagnant more times cause I came to same standstill with my portraits and was lacking creativity and the passion to draw. iv just started drawing again and came to  deviant art for some inspiration I find that always help lol.


its gd to c that ur still righting and look forward to seeing more from u bro take care peace.:)



Gunzino Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
Ah. Mr. Man, it really has been a long time. Will definitely post some stuff, and will check out your new stuff,  I know you're really gifted in doing portraits. Have a good one, brother!
VirtuousMuse Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Hey there! Thanks for all the great comments! Ia appreciate them greatly :) Have a great day! :)
Gunzino Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
You're welcome sister, and thanks for your comments... :-) Enjoy the day as well
BitterGrapes Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Professional Photographer
Peace. I'm back around these parts now. Hope all is well with you, brother.
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