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Fell in love with a girl,
Her name's Sandy
Thinking about her,
Sipping on a brandy
Cinnamon lips,
Body so thick,
A booty that makes a brother breathe quick
She's intellectual,
Into vegetables,
Wears her spectacles,
What a spectacle, of so much beauty
Truly the epitome of favoured blessings,
Kissings from her,
Creates some lessons
A student in the game of love
I'm serving you aces, Love
It's murder without the glove
Can I shoot up your club?...
Hello God
Its your son again.
Trying to shine,
You know the rain again,
Got a brother feeling pale again

Adventurous like Anakin SkyWalker,
Star Wars trilogy the Mind Walker

Feeling the world is taking all of it,
Out of me

Eventually, I wana be somebody,
Please, somebody please tell me,
How I'm supposed to be somebody,
When most of my life I've lived like a nobody

And Nobody's paying attention to my body,
Probably I don't excel,
These people can't really tell,
If I'm coming or going
Going or coming,
It doesn't really matter,
As long as I'm running away from the Devil,
Straight into the hands of well...

Only you can tell.
Hello God...
Hello G_O_D
Listening to Chill Study Beats Vol. 1 and this is what came out... I'm happy with the writing. God Bless Yo! 


Gunz Magic
South Africa
Current Residence: South Africa
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: Soul, Rap, R&B, House, Hip Hop,
Favourite style of art: Vector
Personal Quote: "Let me be me..."
Hi Everybody

Well, hi to those that will remember me, lol.
To get everybody up to date, I haven't been on in some time, so I wanted to come back to the place that made my life something to look forward to :-) Well creatively I haven't done anything well worth, writing about. I've basically been stagnant, which is sad. On the business/IT front, I've made some progress at work. Been perfecting my craft at design and being a better developer/designer/consultant, but my heart has always been a music creative, a lyricist of some sort.
My girl and I are no more, been like that for like 6 months. But the single hood is interesting, wink, wink, hint hint. But single ladies are crazy peeps, so are "us" single men, laugh out loud. Well it's good to be back, for how long it will be, sometimes I wish I can come back to the same circle that was here, back in 2009/2010, but hey but that takes time, to recreate or retingle friendships.

On the music front, rather hip hop side, I'm feeling Joey Bada$$'s "Summer Knights", a few tracks of Kanye's "Yeezus" *Yeah I think it's way off though, but I maybe need time to listen to it*, I'm digging one or two tracks off Jigga's "Magna Carter Holy Grail", and I'm watching those Power 105.1 interviews, damn! I watched the Jigga interview, that man is on some other type of aura.

Currently in South Africa, we're going through some political turmoil, for lack of a better word, our presidento still thinks he can run the country like a spaza shop (aka convenience store, without no rules and regulations), but yeah, the less I say the better.

Stay Good y'all, and God Bless!


  • Listening to: Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knigths
  • Reading: Time
  • Watching: Life as it passess my by
  • Playing: The girl next door (lol)
  • Eating: steak and chips
  • Drinking: Play


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cordieb Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
How's the lyrics coming along? Stay positive!
Gunzino Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014
Ahhh, nice to chat to you again. Sadly, I've succumbed to corporate. Lyrics are now taking a back burner. I actually want to get into the business side of entertainment.  Just need to stop with my procrastination and start a project. Have done a project, but it wasn't lucrative, lost some money, so I want to detail my business model before anything gets kicked off. Yourself?
LittleDenisa Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
so i just fell in love with your work it just speaks truth 
Gunzino Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
:happybounce: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I appreciate the kind words, mam!
LittleDenisa Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
np. anyday
evzar Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013

kl bro its bin a long time still lol. I understand what u mean about being stagnant more times cause I came to same standstill with my portraits and was lacking creativity and the passion to draw. iv just started drawing again and came to  deviant art for some inspiration I find that always help lol.


its gd to c that ur still righting and look forward to seeing more from u bro take care peace.:)



Gunzino Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
Ah. Mr. Man, it really has been a long time. Will definitely post some stuff, and will check out your new stuff,  I know you're really gifted in doing portraits. Have a good one, brother!
VirtuousMuse Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Hey there! Thanks for all the great comments! Ia appreciate them greatly :) Have a great day! :)
Gunzino Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
You're welcome sister, and thanks for your comments... :-) Enjoy the day as well
BitterGrapes Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Professional Photographer
Peace. I'm back around these parts now. Hope all is well with you, brother.
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